Bes Jeep Awning with built in Light

Increase your camping area with ease by adding a awning out of bad weather

Jeep Gladiator Awning with built in Light. Increase your covered camping area around your jeep or jeep gladiator. Bad weather can ruin your camping trip or you can be prepared and not let it bother your. Increasing your covered area around your jeep with an awning can keep all of your gear you you dry and out of the elements. Great jeep camping accessory.

Having an jeep camp awning will allow you to be out in all kinds of weather when jeep camping. Installing an awning on your jeep will give you a dry place to cook your camping meals or just sitting around with your friends. So if it rains you want have to hide in your jeep or tent. Kick back under your jeep awning enjoy your day nice and dry.

ARB 814410 Awning 8.2FT x 8.2FT Light Installed Awning

  • LED LIGHT STRIP IS INCLUDED. install once on the Awning Sleeve and leave it there! This awning may be too big for small cars, please measure the car before purchasing this over Awning 2000mm long.
  • Mounts easily to the side of most roof racks or roof bars. Remember, using the appropriate ARB Quick Release Bracket for the awnings, you can now correctly mount the ARB 2.5m awning to any dual cab trade rack.
  • Awning storage cover made from pvc lined polyester. Awning is secured in a heavy duty nylon reinforced pvc bag
  • Comes with pegs and guy ropes for securing legs, mounting nuts and bolts, spanner and comprehensive instructions
  • Self standing awning takes 30 seconds to deploy. Awning height adjustable with telescopic legs. Amber mode comfortable for camping or to provide comfortable latenight soft lighting when out camping or touring. Once light is mounted, packs away with awning easily every time
ARB 813108A Awning Room
  • Design to work with ARB 2500×2500 Awning (814101 and ARB4401A)
  • Exterior walls are made from 300D Oxford Polyester outer UV treated
  • Cross flow ventilated mesh roof, Midge-proof mesh side panels
  • Heavy duty nylon hooks for awning pole attachment, Heavy duty, polyethylene waterproof floor
  • Internal mesh pocket organizer, Accessories include nylon stuff sack for storage, 2 guy ropes, 6 pegs

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