Jeep Roof Top Solar shower

Road shower for Jeeps

Jeep Roof Top Solar shower. Take your shower anywhere you go. Install this Jeep roof top solar shower on the top of your jeep so you can have a shower no matter where your off road adventures take you. This pressurized solar shower provided 5 gallons of warm water when you are out on the trail. Comes with a hose and nozzle to take your shower or spray off your gear. Upgrade your rig today with this jeep camping shower accessory.

What is a roof top shower

The roof top shower is usually a round plastic of metal tube with a water inlet to fill the shower with water along with a pressure tip to add air pressure to the tube. The soar shower will have a quick disconnect for the shower hose. On a sunny day the sun will heat up the water inside the tube to a warm to hot temperature. This will provide warm to hot water under pressure for a campers shower at the end of the day.

Solar Shower

6×55 Adventure Solar Shower Tube – Air Pressurized – 5 Gallon Portable Shower – Outdoor Camping Shower – Roof top shower tent – Roof Rack – Overlander

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